ff2013, Day 19

Ahhhhh – a decent night of sleep, I thought… wrong. Security alarms on a nearby building went off at 7am. Not pleased at all.

  1. The Breakfast Club – Stand Up for the Early Risers
  2. Itsoseng
  3. Agnes of God
  4. KnickKnack
  5. Laurie Anderson & Kronos Quartet
  6. In Defence of Hipsters
  7. Snow Fright & the Apple of Temptation

I’m really not sure what I thought of the Anderson/Kronos gig yet. It was all so odd to me…

ff2013, Day 18

So – after getting to bed at around 4:30am this morning, I was bright-eyed and bushy-tailed awake at Laurie Anderson’s performance of Duets on Ice at 10:30am. And then I decided that, on top of being TiredPete, I should engage in a feat of planning that would normally scare me silly – hey, any day that requires two cab rides and still results in me rolling up to a show late is clearly the result of over-optimistic “planning”.

  1. Huggers – The Family Friendly Comedy and Cabaret Show
  2. Stuperstition
  3. 6000 Miles Away
  4. Charles Barrington in one character or less
  5. The Giovanni Experiment

The Festival Opening Night cocktail party was a classy affair – despite being a “VIP” event, the Festival crew still saw fit to let me in, giving me just enough time to neck a couple of glasses of Croser before Sylvie started. And again during the interval. And the food… delicious!

ff2013, Day 17

It was, most certainly, a Festival Day today. Three Festival shows, plus an opening party for Barrio (which feels much more open and communal as a result). The cocktails as just as I remember them… delicious.

Once upon a time I’d never have given up shows for a party… apologies to any shows on my Shortlist that were in the 10pm-to-midnight band.

  1. The Smile Off Your Face
  2. Skeleton
  3. Doku Rai

Short and sweet: go and see Skeleton. Only the second show ever that I’ve felt compelled to give a standing ovation to. An astonishing piece of contemporary dance.

ff2013, Day 16

Let’s face it – this isn’t the change of weather that anyone wanted, is it? It’s far less “welcome change” than “irritating”.

  1. Cracked
  2. Frank Woodley & Simon Yates – Inside
  3. Sam Simmons – Shitty Trivia
  4. Ex-German

Something I forgot to mention yesterday: I very nearly witnessed a full-on brawl in the queue for Limbo – and I certainly was in the middle of much verbal tussling. Apparently the (efficient!) decision by some in the line to not walk the length of a line-loop (instead opting to wait until the loop returned to them… you know what I mean) angered – and I mean angered, in all its irrational glory – a group further back in line who threatened with language like “if you don’t fucking move, we’re cutting in fucking front of you.”

Really? Really?

Things escalated as the group waiting started needling back, pointing out – with, uh, inflammatory language of their own – that nothing was going to change the other group’s ability to enter the venue… but anger and reason aren’t the best of friends, are they?

ff2013, Day 15

So – that’s one of the “biggest” Fringe shows out of the way, and pretty bloody good it was, too.

  1. Another Point of View
  2. Morgan & West: Clockwork Miracles
  3. Limbo
  4. The Effervescent Shaggy Doo Beats

Sad to see a batch of shows finishing up, with their performers disappearing. Great people, one and all.

ff2013, Day 14

Another “quiet” Monday that was full of gold, all discovered during a Bakehouse Binge.

  1. A Circus Affair
  2. Raton Laveur
  3. I Am My Own Wife

Dad finally left hospital and went home today, which meant that the usual (minimum) two-hour chunk in the middle of the day that I used to spend with him is now free for Festival activities. Such as, for example, writing – I’m over fifty shows behind at the moment.

Of course, I inadvertently used the extra time this afternoon to doze on the lounge.

ff2013, Day 13

Today yielded a collection of those “I’m not sure I liked it, but I’m glad it exists” shows. Which is, to me, what the Fringe is all about :)

  1. Moorish!
  2. Privatising Parts
  3. The Unstoppable, Unsung Story of Shaky M
  4. Fright or Flight
  5. Tony Roberts – Card Magic

What a glorious night to sit on the lawns at the Fringe Club, just chatting and drinking. Sweet :)

ff2013, Day 12

Aaaaah – what a great day. Tons of variety, lots of movement, and a sizeable “fuck you!” to my liver.

My fiftieth show of the year, the Zephyr Quartet’s CD Launch at the Wheaty, was gorgeous. For some reason it felt like a relief – almost like the last show of the season! As I sat there, mesmerised by the music, I could feel myself physically unwinding.

  1. The Dead Ones
  2. Miss Conlin Confesses
  3. Life in Miniature
  4. Zephyr Quartet CD Launch – A Rain From The Shadows
  5. Alan Sharp: Careful What You Wish For
  6. Marcel Lucont’s Cabaret Fantastique

I had the “delight” of reading Friday’s ‘Tiser while I visited Dad in hospital today; I was genuinely surprised at how disappointed I was with its Fringe section, especially the sad lament about how some reviewers couldn’t get into Leo without their tickets. So, let’s just attempt to cover the issues (in a post-Fringe-Club-closing drunken state):

  • Reviewers couldn’t get in without their tickets. What? Their gratis tickets that they hurriedly applied for on the basis of early word-of-mouth, coming out of the artist’s pocket, weren’t acquired using the “normal” channels that provide media tickets?
  • Why couldn’t the Gardeners use some initiative and just let the reviewers in anyway? After all, they were card-carrying certified reviewers! Maybe the reason is because there are around five hundred Media passes floating about… What’s the capacity of the Vagabond? What do you expect would happen if half of those passes showed up at the same time, demanding entry on the strength of that green stripe atop their proud pass?

You know what I did with my media pass tonight, rather than try to barge my way into a show? I went and hung out with artists. Bought them drinks, talked about tons of stuff. Had some off-the-record fun. But mostly just revelled in the presence of these creatives, told them how much I loved what they did, and just tried to be nice.

Just sayin’.

ff2013, Day 11

After an early start, a midday matinée, and a hospital run, I was most certainly not in the mood for a theatrical evening. Hence: wall-to-wall comedy!

  1. Sage
  2. Joel Bryant is ‘Running from Public Office’
  3. Nick Capper 45 minutes of…
  4. Aggressively Helpful
  5. Joel Creasey in The Drama Captain
  6. Jack Gow in Tragicomic

I’m starting to get a little concerned about the lack of event posts I’ve been cranking out (or, rather, not cranking out). Hopefully I’ll start to ramp that up a bit next week…

ff2013, Day 9

Oh yeah, now we’re in the swing of things. 2am finish, with a hospital visit tomorrow morning after likely being woken by construction noise next door, and followed by a matinée. Cruisin’.

  1. Nick Fischer’s I’ve come to clean the pool: The tale of how one man against all odds was able to get fired from most of the jobs he has ever worked
  2. Anthropoetry
  3. Abdicating Adulthood
  4. Insomnia Cat Came To Stay
  5. Rhino Room Late Show

The great thing about tonight’s Rhino Room Late Show was the discovery of Nick Capper – a quirky style, something different, and bloody funny. If his show wasn’t already on The Shortlist, it certainly is now.

Also: Anthropoetry. It’s poetry over live looped music, it’s funny and political and human, and it’s absolutely brilliant. Easily in the Top 5 so far.

ff2013, Day 8

Ugh. Late starts, and soon-to-be-finished runs, caused me to bail on a show in the middle of this bracket, leaving only three for the day. That’s no way to shorten a List!

  1. Remnants Found In You
  2. Jon Bennett – My Dad’s Deaths
  3. NED: Ideas you’ll never have

It appears that Tuesday is the new Monday; not even the lure of Cheap-Arse Tuesday can lure in crowds on nights like this.

ff2013, Day 7

Wow. What a great day! Remember when Mondays used to be all, like, devoid of Fringe shows? And then you have days like this, where everything you see just brings forth the gold…

  1. Love in the Key of Britpop
  2. … him
  3. Nellie White in The One Handed Show: An Introduction To Pornography
  4. Arnie Pie – Because I Felt Like It

Those first two shows listed above? I unreservedly recommend them. The next two? A reserved recommendation – I sure had a lot of fun in them, anyway. I’m still trying to figure out whether Nellie White has stumbled upon a new style of apparently unassuming delivery; whatever it is, it totally works!

ff2013, Day 6

Awww yeah. Now we’re getting into the groove of things.

  1. The Art of Letting Go
  2. Low Hanging Fruit
  3. Sullivan and Bok
  4. Like a Fishbone
  5. 3
  6. Danny Stinson’s ‘Confessions Of A Psych Nurse’

I managed my first ticket snafu today, too. Silly Petee, you really must double check session times when booking tickets. Still, that little fuck-up led me to see Sullivan and Bok earlier than anticipated, who – despite the audience of two (the other of whom used to live in my building! Adelaide!) – put on a cracker of a show.

Mind you, with a breakfast of a Boost Juice and a late lunch of mojitos, it was always going to be a good day…