[20000002] The Entire Contents of the Refrigerator

The Entire Contents of the Refrigerator

Club Fringe

9:15pm, Fri 25 Feb 2000

Score: 8

Short Review: Captivating

20 characters? In an hour? Uni maths tells me that this is an average of 3 minutes each, but some characters get far more (and some, far less) of an opportunity to show themselves. Casey Stewart-Lindley does a great job of bringing all her persona – both minor and major – to life, using little more than a broom and a block of wood for props.

Whilst the only thread between the characters seemd to be a malaise or grief, this show shouldn’t be seen as a contiguous “story” – more as one major piece (the woman infatuated with the sax player upstairs) fragmented by a bunch of smaller monologues. This, however, does not detract from the spectacle – this is a great performance piece by Stewart-Lindley.

Tidbit #1

OK, so all the tickets are booked, the Visa card is loaded: the schedule is comfortable, with not a whole heap of room to move. And then I find out Mr Bungle is coming to Adelaide, 1 show only, on the 15th of March!! Luckily, a quick perusal of the schedule indicates that this shouldn’t be a problem…

[20000001] The Vagina Monologues

The Vagina Monologues

Theatre 62

8:30pm, Wed 23 Feb 2000

Score: 6

Short Review: Vagina!

A gentle way to start FF2000. Colette Mann was in great form, waxing lyrical about the vagina, and dropping into a multitude of characters discussing their own vaginas. On the whole, this was quite an amusing piece, with a few small problems: one, it tended to be a little self-indulgent at times, and the “reclaiming” of the C-word was completely unnecessary; two, there were a few opening night nerves about which were, for the large part, ignored by the generally supportive audience; and finally, the script seemed a little uneven – the sole “serious” monologue stood out like a sore thumb in amongst the other, more amusing, characters.

In general, a fun enough evening – certainly worth a bash if you’ve got an interested SO and want the excuse to say “vagina” a lot, or yell out the C-word with a hundred or so other people (how cathartic!).