ff2016, Day 31

Three shows, and a bit of an ArtWalk. Easy, right?

  1. Down Down Lucifer
  2. Underneath
  3. Steve Hughes

But this was a surprisingly emotional day for me. Not only did I have to bid my Significant Other farewell after two glorious weeks (and almost the entire Adelaide Festival) together, but I attended what will probably be my final Fringe Awards ceremony.

Walking into the ‘Awards late (breezing past the scores of general public queueing for admission, thanks to my Media Pass) made me wish I hadn’t bothered; the Fringe Club (which had a much more open and friendly layout this year) seemed to be packed with people who gave precisely Zero Shits about the Awards themselves. Maybe all the people who had already won (or been nominated for) Awards had already retreated to the bar, but the back of the Club was one big “conversation” (read: yelling) pit; I had to squeeze to the edge of the small seating area to even hear the announcements.


I then scampered to Tuxedo Cat, where I had a lovely chat with Cass – and I (hopefully) managed to thank her for all that TuxCat has meant to me over the years. Sure, I’m back at Tuxy for three-in-a-row tomorrow, but tonight felt like The Last Night… like it was the End of Something. My last Fringe.

I may have teared up a little.

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