ff2000 Wrapup

Well, it’s all over for another two years – yep, ff2000 has drawn to a close. It was lots of fun for me, and a lot less stressfull than ff98… deliberately so, since I planned to take it pretty easy in the last week.

Overall, this was a pretty neat three weeks. There were some downers – a few of the Festival shows seemed to be all gloss and no substance. Matt King ran himself over. The Hindley Street venues didn’t attract the crowds they deserved.

But on the plus side, there was some brilliant theatre. The Foreign Legion came to town again and provided the two best shows of ff2000. The newly-formed International Brigade also provided some great stuff, the Mercury proved to be a comedy hotspot, and the Nova continued where it left off in ff98.

Anyway, without further ado, here’s a bunch of useless facts. And a bunch of scores which I re-jigged because I felt like it.

Pete’s Show Visitations:

  • Best of ff2000: Hard Times (theater simple @ The Foreign Legion)
  • Total number of shows: 63 (49 Fringe, 14 Festival. Additionally, 1 Bonus show (well, Mr Bungle was in town) and I saw Stewart Lee twice.)
  • In percentage terms: Fringe = 78%, Festival 22%.
  • Shows that got a covetted “10”: 3 (5%)
  • Shows that weren’t a WOFTAM: 48 (76%)
ff2000 Site Info:

  • Hits: not enough to justify what I’ve done
  • Hits received from: (more info later)

Tidbit #1

OK, so all the tickets are booked, the Visa card is loaded: the schedule is comfortable, with not a whole heap of room to move. And then I find out Mr Bungle is coming to Adelaide, 1 show only, on the 15th of March!! Luckily, a quick perusal of the schedule indicates that this shouldn’t be a problem…