ff2011, Day 31

Aaaaand that’s another Fringe wrapped up… 131 shows all up (all unique, no repeats, no “bonus” shows – like Tim Minchin and the secret TuxCat gigs – counted). And, by and large, it was all pretty bloody good.

  1. LoveFridge
  2. My Filthy Hunt
  3. Freefall

If anything, Freefall was even better this year than last year – something I hopefully managed to convey to the Freefall crew when they were wandering the Fringe Club post-awards earlier this evening. The Awards themselves were… well, I’ll ramble about them later, but there’s plenty of quality picks sprinkled with a little WTF. But the best win was that TuxCat took home the best venue gong – really well deserved, that. Big props to Bryan and Cass.

More on that later. Right now, sleep… while the tingling of a friendly hug lingers :)

ff2011, Day 30

Two shows for the day?

  1. Over My Dead Body
  2. The Ridiculous Files

…not really. I also caught the off-Fringe-programme Gravity Boots (which was fantastic) and Tim Minchin vs ASO (simply awesome). The former revitalised an interest in absurdist sketch comedy; the latter, in the concept of strings within a rock context. I cried bucketloads at Minchin – not necessarily because of his songs (although there was a bit of that too), but more because of the glorious, punchy string arrangements. Brilliant stuff!

ff2011, Day 29

And that’s the final “hard” day of the year done. Currently sitting at 126 shows for the year – a new PB! It’s all downhill coasting from here…

  1. Also A Mirror
  2. Of The Causes Of Wonderful Things
  3. Sexytime!
  4. Lou Sanz is Not Suitable For Children
  5. The Problem With Evil
  6. The Freak and The Showgirl

Visual Arts:

  1. Helpmann Academy Graduate Exhibition 2011
  2. 100Bucks&Runnin’4

I was the only person in The Problem With Evil this evening – and it was a blast. Evil and I chatted, I manned the video cameras, and lots of fun was had. And this evening also marked the discovery of the awesome cocktails available in the Fringe Club – it’s almost too late to take advantage of them, though.


ff2011, Day 28

Another Dr Brown show, another half-hour onstage. Brilliant fun, though :)

  1. Eric’s Tales of the Sea
  2. Dr. Professor Neal Portenza’s Interactive Goat Hour V2.0
  3. Fabulous Abs
  4. Dr. Brown Because

Of course, the biggest show of the day was the impromptu TuxCat Staff Show – put on by a whole heap of performers in order for Fringe staff (and other performers) to check out their wares. It was a three-hour extravaganza hosted by Marcel Lucont (and Christophe Davidson), and featured snippets from Amy Abler, Sammy J, Abigoliah Schamaun, the chap behind The Problem With Evil, Dr Brown, the lads from Bound (who belted out some fantastic songs), DeAnne Smith, Heath McIvor (sans Randy, performing some fantastic standup), Michelle Baginski from LoveFridge (a gorgeous song, played in near darkness), Dr Professor Neal Portenza, Andrew O’Neill (singing & playing guitar, rather than standup), Sarah Harpur, Bart Freebairn, and a snippet of SexyTime!. That’s a massive lineup, and wall-to-wall brilliant fun, with a real jovial mood to the mix of staff, performers, and general public. Massive props to Bryan and Cass and Alexis and Christophe and everyone involved.

ff2011, Day 27

So – the first day of my fifth decade of life turned out to be a cracker. Some great shows, some better best-wishes, and a wonderful surprise or two. Blimey, some people are just lovely :D

  1. The Misanthrope
  2. The Disturbed Couples Hour!
  3. The Lesson
  4. Tommy Dassalo – Buckwild

Adelaide was quiet tonight. It’s like… they didn’t want to celebrate my birthday with me. Silly people – I would’ve bought the drinks.

ff2011, Day 24

A really odd mix today. Almost a dry day, too. And home before midnight… an opportunity for a good night’s sleep. So why did I wind up trawling the blogosphere and talking bollocks until 2am?

  1. Heroes
  2. Subsidized Corn
  3. Nice Work If You Can Get It
  4. European Man 2
  5. The Interminable Suicide of Gregory Church

Had a nice chat with the Subsidized Corn folk after their show… totally nice people, really lovely. And some brilliant… ummm… “audience interaction” in European Man 2 – nearly too silly for words. A nice sorbet at this end of the Fringe, anyway!

ff2011, Day 23

And with a whoosh – there’s one hundred shows for the Fringe. Maybe it’s time to think about doing a bit more writing.

  1. Mr Badger tells the story of The Wind in the Willows
  2. Oleanna
  3. The Deer Johns take on Life In The Early 80s
  4. Peter Berner – Chicken Shop Loyalty
  5. Accidents Are Prohibited On This Road
  6. The Bertie Beatle Show

Visual Arts:

  1. Nest Series

Despite the Ha Ha Comedy Late Show petering out into non-existence, the tail end of this evening was pretty great; yummy beers and nachos in Gluttony, followed by hobnobbing in the Fringe Club with Shannon and Nick and Martin and Deborah and Edwin and Shelley. And there was a spot of wine involved, too. Oh yes, a very fun night indeed :)

ff2011, Day 21

I’m getting too old for these 4am finishes…

  1. Tie
  2. Tomás Ford: Gentleman & Disconcerter
  3. Charles Barrington – My Incredible Career
  4. Harpur’s Bizarre! Life. Death. Pets.

There was all one of me in Tomás Ford’s show tonight; pretty shoddy treatment from the Sugar crowd towards Mr Ford, too. Also managed to catch the Amanda Palmer “Frinja” show at TuxCat. Nice version of Creep that had the audience singing (or attempting to sing) along; I’m a bit annoyed I missed the Andrew O’Neill show afterwards.

ff2011, Day 20

Really? Day 20?

  1. When Harry Met Harry
  2. Evelyn Evelyn
  3. Ross Daniels – The Transposed Man
  4. Amelia Jane Hunter in ‘Dear Endora’

Thanks to all those who expressed their best wishes for my familial grief; my father has been in hospital at home since Monday, and was shuttled down to the RAH last night. After twenty(!) hours in ED, we’ve had a partial diagnosis of pneumonia (and it has to be acknowledged that’s pretty awful for an 81-year-old), but there’s a few other symptoms that haven’t been explained yet. Thankfully, despite the disheveled appearance and thin, raspy voice, he was in reasonably good spirits the second time I saw him today. Which was nice and, despite the fact that the diagnosis is only partial, it’s comforting to have a name to associate with the affliction.

ff2011, Day 19

There’s been a bit of a medical emergency in the family over the last couple of days – I should be getting some concrete information tomorrow after a visit to the RAH, but… there’s a fair chance I might be significantly less active for the rest of the Fringe. Family is, after all, more important.

But, while I’m hamstrung and unable to do anything, I seek distraction…

  1. Teahouse
  2. Bred to Perfection
  3. Jen Brister is British(ish)
  4. The Thursday Show
  5. The Tim McMillan Band: Tim McMillan vs Yogi Glare

The Tim McMillan Band are incredible. If you have any interest in music whatsoever, you should check them out. One acoustic guitar, one bass, and some stunning musicianship. Seriously… stunning. Go see them, I implore you.

ff2011, Day 18

Not really in the best headspace right now. I feel prone; decision-making is not real flash at the moment. Should make scheduling fun!

  1. Twine
  2. Where’s My Vagina!?
  3. Flhip Flhop
  4. The World Holds Everyone Apart, Apart From Us
  5. Harmon Leon in Ironic / Not Ironic

Just myself and another chap (whom I’d met at a show at Holden Street years ago) in to see Harmon Leon tonight. Educational gig…

Edit: I just remembered a great moment from this evening. Waiting in TuxCat and chatting with Jenny, I see Zack Adams for the first time this year. Zack spies me, waves hello, comes over and shakes my hand. “How are you?” he politely asks; “Not bad,” I reply, “I’m just getting over a bit of Fringe Flu, so no kissing”. Zack slinks away – “awww! Worst Fringe ever.”

ff2011, Day 17

Oh dear. All plans to stay “current” in my blogging have fallen by the wayside. Damn that Fringe Club and it’s inhabitants.

  1. Unsupervised
  2. Urban Soundscapes
  3. Take Me Back To Paris
  4. The Circus Firemen
  5. Jacques Barrett – In It For The Species
  6. Quake, Rattle & Roll

Visual Arts:

  1. The Twenty11 Art Exhibition

God I’m tired. And drunk. And possibly sick, though I’m too tired and drunk to tell.