ff2011, Day 17

Oh dear. All plans to stay “current” in my blogging have fallen by the wayside. Damn that Fringe Club and it’s inhabitants.

  1. Unsupervised
  2. Urban Soundscapes
  3. Take Me Back To Paris
  4. The Circus Firemen
  5. Jacques Barrett – In It For The Species
  6. Quake, Rattle & Roll

Visual Arts:

  1. The Twenty11 Art Exhibition

God I’m tired. And drunk. And possibly sick, though I’m too tired and drunk to tell.

2 thoughts on “ff2011, Day 17”

  1. Wow. Just…wow. I thought I was busy, but you make me – with my schedule at this point likely to be around 44 shows – look like a half-assed lightweight; a dilettante rather than the manic, theatre-obsessed loon nearly everyone else I know considers me at this time of year.

    Keep up the good work! I’ll check in regularly to see what’s on your list, and whether or not we’re likely to wind up at the same show.

  2. Cheers Jamie – it’s always nice to know someone’s reading :)

    Mind you, it’d be even better if I ever got around to writing a bit more – hey, I’m only 40-odd show-posts behind at the moment :}

    And don’t kid yourself – 44 shows is still a hell of a lot! Just remember that the vast majority of people you see “at the Fringe” will attend less-than-a-handful of shows in a given year, and feel pride in the fact that you’re demonstrating that there is an audience for this type of stuff.

    Happy Fringe!

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