ff2011, Day 16

You know what Day 16 is, don’t you? It means we’re over the hump; we’re on the run home.

  1. The Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon
  2. Anna Log – Apocalips
  3. No Blinding Light
  4. Master’s Curious Delirium
  5. If You Want Blood

Also managed to sneak into the last fifteen minutes of So You Think You Can Get F#%ked Up – and almost as soon as we parked our arses, Seb has lined me up for another shoe-in-the-head… in honour of last year’s effort, I guess. Bumped into him post-show, and we argued about who owes who what on account of him lifting a quote for his précis.

And, for shits’n’giggles, let’s start listing the Visual Art exhibits I’ve checked out:

  1. Public Art Station
  2. Shoot the Messenger

Public Art Station was a cracker – a trio of interactive art bits in the railway station. Some of the little pink notes left around the station “For You” were just gorgeous.

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