[20000006] Anandamine (Visual Arts)

Anandamine (Visual Arts)

Top Floor, 27 Gresham Street

6:00pm, Sun 27 Feb 2000

Score: 2

Short Review: Thoughtless

If visual art is your thing, don’t bother climbing the stairs to the top floor of 27 Gresham St. The viewing of the “works of art” takes almost as much time as the ascension.

The opening of the Anandamine visual arts exhibition seemed poorly conceived; one “work” consisted of a bead G-string hung over a talcum powder “canvas” into which a simple vagina had been drawn. Problem was, many guests at the opening were shuffling through the talcum, essentially ruining the intention of the piece (unless, of course, it was meant to represent the downtrodden nature of women in society… hmmm, maybe not). No-one seemed to care… where was the artist protecting the sanctity of their work?

This seemed indicative of the whole exhibition – everything presented seemed to have no real thought involved, simply the feeling of “product” being shifted in time for the Fringe.

Let’s hope the other aspects of the Anandamine project are a bit more successful. Positives? Errrm… the free booze was nice :)

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