[2009091] Die Roten Punkte – Robot/Lion Tour

Die Roten Punkte – Robot/Lion Tour

Die Roten Punkte @ Bosco Theater

11:00pm, Wed 18 Mar 2009

This was the fifth time I’d seen Die Roten Punkte; they’re fast becoming Fringe regulars for me, despite the previous show’s letdown. And that means that I’m starting to run out of words to write about this act, as well as losing perspective on its quality – I dare say that familiarity is taking the edge off the quality of the show.

Unfortunately, this performance owes more to 2008’s gig than the fun-filled singalongs of earlier shows. There are a few standout moments, though – the extended Robot/Lion techno piece was superb, and the storming finale left me on a high.

But, while enjoyable, it’s still missing the joy that was in those earlier shows. A bit more fun and they’ll be getting my raves again; regardless, I’ll keep going to see them if they keep coming, just in case that mojo returns.

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