[20020034] electronic bonk (eBonk)

electronic bonk (eBonk)

Tori Hodgman @ Worldsend Hotel

9:30pm, Sat 2 Mar 2002

Score: 6

Short Review: Glass Vase

Tori Hogman, local girl and ex-criminal lawyer, shows us the seedy side of dating using modern methods – phone chat lines and ‘Net based message boards. Not to mention a few stories from her past, and a few laughs along the way.

Tori first introduces us to wankline, a phone system for singles to leave messages for one another to contact (if necessary). Tori, ever the thorough researcher, maintained a glass vase of messages left for her by men on wankline – if anyone in the audience yelled out “Glass Vase”, she would read some of the sad, sad, SAD (and crude) messages, then get back to the show. A neat trick to get out of comedy death.

Besides wankline, we were also treated to Tori’s use of internet Message Boards – with similar crude responses. Actually, Tori seemed to be the antagonist on the ‘Net, but hey, it was pretty funny. There were some funny (and serious) family moments presented, too.

Overall, though, this show was perhaps a touch too patchy to warrant a “must see” tag – but was enjoyable nonetheless. And I think it’s testament to the thoroughness of her research that Tori was the first person in the room to switch her mobile on at show’s end.

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