[2009101] Adam Hills – Inflatable

Adam Hills – Inflatable

Adam Hills @ Thebarton Theatre

5:00pm, Sun 22 Mar 2009

Now – if I was feeling really lazy, I could copy’n’paste the contents of my post for the 2007 Adam Hills show in here and, apart from the duplicity of the Ali McGregor comments, no-one would notice a thing. Because Adam Hills’ 2009 show is more-or-less identical to the one I saw two years ago.

And that’s a good thing.

As I wrote back then, Hills is funny – and he’s adamant that he’s going to make people feel better, feel happier. That’s the purpose of his show’s title, he tells us: you can either focus on “inflating” people – making them feel bigger, better – or “deflating” them… and his comedy is wholly geared towards the former.

So we’re treated to tales from his Paralympics gigs, some adulation for Farmer’s Union Iced Coffee (well… he is a local boy), and a reprise of Advance Australia Fair to the tune of Working Class Man. Even his audience mark for the evening, the secretive Steve, didn’t get Hills down with his refusal to divulge the usual audience-banter-information. But, most importantly, this show also featured his Auslan interpreter – today’s funny phrases to sign were “clitoris”, “wank”, and “fuck a sponge”.

Adam Hills is still bloody funny. Long may he never change :)

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