[20020036] Soobee and Jeffree

Soobee and Jeffree

Broadway And Company

1:00pm, Sun 3 Mar 2002

Score: 5

Short Review: Great for little ‘uns

Sue Broadway and Jeff Turpin adopt the personae of clowns Soobee and Jeffree for this short and charming show which, while somewhat entertaining for nutcases like me, is probably better suited to a younger audience.

After struggling with their opening under the warm Lunar Tent, Soobee and Jeffree squeeze some gentle humour out of simple, but visually effective, tricks – their spinning plates representing the solar system was quite amusing – but they excel when it comes to juggling.

Their hat juggling routine was quite mesmerising, but when they started juggling up to seven clubs between them, you knew they weren’t mucking around. Their ability to “steal” items from each other while juggling was also pretty neat.

Yup, with a young crowd, Soobee and Jeffree would go off – they had the kids at this show howling like wolves at the moon (not the best thing for tinitus) and giggling like… children. Then again, there’s always one kid in the crowd that makes you crack up – this performance, it was the 3 year old that yelled out “FUCK” quite audibly when Jeffree dropped something. Most amusing.

You could certainly do a lot worse than dragging the little ‘uns along to this.

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