[20020040] A Suspended Love Story

A Suspended Love Story

Strut & Fret Production House @ The Lunar Tent

5:00pm, Mon 4 Mar 2002

Score: 7

Short Review: More aerials…

Yup, another show in The Lunar Tent, more aerial work. This time it’s a small troupe – only two aerialists – in this short show (30 minutes or so). The 5:00pm slot makes this one attractive for the kids as well, and is well worth a peek.

Sure, it’s pretty much the same kind of stuff as other Lunar Tent shows (Acrobat, Cabaret), but this show has a thoroughly wonderful mid-air tango sequence, as well as a more overt circus motif. And hey, it brought a smile to this jaded ff-goer’s face.

In short – yeah, it’s more aerials, but if the timeslot, attention span or kids preclude Acrobat, get along to this one instead – especially given the $7 price tag.

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