ff2010, Day 9

Blimey – bit of a nasty one today, wasn’t it? Mid-thirties, wandering around the Botanic Gardens on Gerda’s Journey again (decent crowd in, but the simpletons really had to work to have their voices heard above the wind – and the heat! Poor buggers). Then off to The Birdcage… ummmmm. Dunno whether that is going to be up for any Best Venue awards, but I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt for now.

  1. Gerda’s Journey (reprise)
  1. When 3 Meet
  2. Heavier Than Milk
  3. The Chronic Ills of Robert Zimmerman: AKA Bob Dylan (A Lie). A Theatrical Talking Blues & Glissendorf
  4. Die Roten Punkte – Rock!

So – approaching The Garden at 10:45pm. See a line that curves all the way half-way down East Terrace towards North Terrace. Wander to front of line, flash ticket, walk right in. Had a beer in my hand and was sitting with Irene on the Grassy Knoll arguing about Justin Hamilton within minutes :)

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