ff2010, Day 11

Listen up, people: get in to see Freefall at Holden Street. Absolutely mesmerising and completely thrilling. Sure, they’ve got a season at the Ringbox in The Garden later on, but what they were able to do in the limited space of The Arch was stunning. Go on – here’s a link to FringeTIX.

  1. Freefall
  2. King Lear
  3. iexist.com
  4. Peeled
  5. Sound Cinema

Today was the first time this year that I started feeling dozy in some shows. Something to do with last night’s 2am drinking, one suspects. Still, imagine how pleased I was when I got home to find a can of Red Bull in my backpack (after I’d been unable to locate any in the vicinity of Holden Street).

Oh – seven unique shows yesterday. I can’t recall ever having managed that before. Four of them were absolute crackers, too. Blimey this is turning out to be a great Fringe :)

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