[20020054] Late Show at The Arts

Late Show at The Arts

@ The Arts Theatre

11:30pm, Fri 8 Mar 2002

Score: 5

Short Review: Improv

I rolled up at The Arts Theatre and was stoked at the line-up for the night – the Cream of Irish crew (Tara Flynn, Ian Coppinger, Brendan Dempsey), as well as Dave Johns and Phil Nichol. Then I read the words that filled me with trepidation – “Improv Night”.

As we all know, this could be very very good, or very very bad. At the end of the night, it probably leaned towards the latter – helped by the (mostly young) audience suggestions, which ranges from “porn” to “porno” (as appropriate).

Well, the line-up seemed very quick on their feet, providing the odd laugh or ten, but it was no substitute for a “real” show. Phil Nichol impressed with his uniformly juvenile behaviour, and Tara Flynn – well, she’s a gorgeous Irish babe, and well worth seeing again :)

As always with improv, your mileage may vary.

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