ff2010, Day 14

First show of the Festival tonight! And I’ve cracked fifty shows! How exciting :)

Any one of the shows listed below are great value, but I especially want to pick out Ro Campbell – he’s an absolutely fantastic comedian, and even repeat airings of some of his material still earned tears of laughter. Click here and buy a ticket to his show! :)

  1. Untrained
  2. Ivan Brackenbury’s Hospital Radio Roadshow
  3. Ro Campbell: Shooting From The Lip
  4. Circus vs. Sideshow

I tell you what, dear reader: I’m having the time of my life, here. I’ve had eight excellent shows in a row, had a load of laughs, some fantastic company, and am just really enjoying myself. I haven’t had as great a Fringe in many, many years :)

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