ff2010, Day 21

What a completely oddball day… one show I initially dismissed before becoming mawkishly smitten with. One show that very very very nearly made me walk out and go home early… and one show that, had I succumbed to the aforementioned temptation, would’ve caused me to kick myself.

  1. Man Covets Bird
  2. An Awkward Seduction
  3. Violet Rapscallion (a stray cabaret)

I put in my last order to FringeTIX today; the Schedule is now chockers. There’s not a single show on my Shortlist that I can fit in anywhere in the next ten days (well, that’s not strictly true – if I chose not to eat at all this Sunday, and all other shows run on-time, there’s another show I could catch at the TuxCat. And there’s one at midnight on Clipsal Saturday in The Garden I could catch, too… not bloody likely!)

A few other wacky bits for the day: Llysa rings me to tell me that Guy Masterson has name-dropped me (well, this blog, anyway) in the latest issue of The Adelaide Fix (Issue 7). Exciting! And this blog was also mentioned in a tweet from the Fringe office, too. And I happened to meet the ferociously talented Kym Begg, too (from last year’s Rough For Theatre II – “oh, you’re Pete the Festival Freak?”), and just discovered that this blog has been quoted on the ActNow Theatre for Social Change site. And these things make me grin, make me a little bit giddy; after all, I’m just a guy who sees a bunch of shows. And writes a little bit about, or around, or in spite of, them.

Grinning, I tell you. And only 39 shows behind in my show posts! ;)

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