ff2010, Day 22

Jamie Kilstein, eh? Bloody brilliant. Good to see a little cool weather and rain about – that should thin the late nite crowds out down The Garden, not that I noticed when I left there at 3am… :}

  1. True Stories of Heroism and Adventure
  2. Jamie Kilstein – Revenge of the Serfs
  3. Steve Hughes – Heavy Metal Comedy
  4. The Wau Wau Sisters’ Last Supper

Apologies to the Garden employee who I may have inadvertently berated post Wau Wau this evening; I’ve talked to her extensively previously, and bumped into her briefly tonight, whereupon she raved about the Last Supper. However, after having sat through that craptacular show, I may have vented a little too much in her direction. And may have been a little too pointed in my barbarous attack. So… sorry. It was a shit show, but it’s most certainly not your fault :}

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