ff2010, Day 24

Hahahahaaaaa – now that was a day! Eight shows – and not a dud amongst them – rounded off with the tail-end of the Tuxedo Cat tribute show and the odd drinkypoo thereafter, watching Irene attempt to keep all her new friends at bay.

  1. Bubblewrap and Boxes
  2. Missing Pieces
  3. A Captive Audience
  4. Dye Young / Stay Pretty
  5. DeAnne Smith: Ballsy
  6. Geraldine Quinn – Shut Up and Sing
  7. How to be a Lady
  8. The Mad Max Remix

It was great to see Tahli again – it’s been too long – and she gave me a highlight for the day when I pointed Irene out to her… “oh, she’s the one who didn’t like Death in Bowengabbie!”

Of course, Irene would like to point out that she actually very much enjoyed the end of Bowengabbie – the Titanic bit. Which is quite disturbing, really ;)

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