ff2010, Day 27

Today was the day of the annoying audience. Chatter and rustling papers and lip-smacking Chupa Chupping and mobile phones. It was also the day of Anniene’s latest project: The Hamlet Apocalypse is a brilliant bit of found-space anti-theatre.

  1. Rhinoceros
  2. Flight
  3. The Hamlet Apocalypse

I remember the approach to my 100th show last year; I was expecting cancellations a-plenty and was on tenterhooks until that ticket stub was ripped – and then there was a tangible sense of relief. This year, Flight came and went with barely a second thought.

101 shows so far. I’ve written up 42. How shit is that?

2 thoughts on “ff2010, Day 27”

  1. Hi Glenn, thanks for commenting :)

    I dunno about Being the Bomb; I certainly am getting Bombed, resulting in the lack of actual writing on this blog. But hey, that’s what the rest of the year is for ;)

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