ff2010, Day 31

Aaaaaaaaaah fuck. What a fucking great day; what a fucking great Fringe :)

  1. Death Conversation with Himalayan Cultural Eve
  2. The Sound and the Fury

What? Just two shows? Well, there was a visit to the Helpmann Academy Graduate Exhibition this afternoon, followed by a trip to the Format ‘Zine Fair (another $150+ spent). This evening was, of course, dominated by the Fringe Awards ceremony, which surpassed all expectations.

Free booze (for awhile) was a good start, but the ability to go around thanking the people who make this stuff you love is just priceless. Queue jumping at the bar for Geraldine Quinn? My honour. Freefall getting Best Circus act? And me being able to rave at two increasingly uncertain and shirking teenagers that I thought their show was awesome? A delight. Stevl Shefn nabbing the best comedy award? Spot on the money.

And, to cap it all off, theater simple chats at HQ, followed by the usual suspects at TuxCat: Nik Coppin, Dr Brown. Some lost Clipsal blokes who decided that a good way to impress Irene was to show her a collection of Ford t-shirts. Anniene. Talking toilet etiquette with Andrew O’Neill. An impromptu stomach-buffer stop at MaccyD’s.

And the sweetest hug I can remember.

But now, sleep. 116 shows all up, plus another three that I saw twice, plus another one in the late sixties which I saw but didn’t realise was a Fringe show. Let’s just say 120 shows – 107 Fringe, 13 Festival. Visual arts excluded, of course.

So, yeah – sleep.

5 thoughts on “ff2010, Day 31”

  1. Well done Festival Freak, well done.

    I was only pointed to your site last week and have had some reading
    to catch up, this was very enjoyable.

    I’m looking forward to reading more in the build up to next year, and the shows in between now and 2011.


  2. Heya Pete

    Always a pleasure to thank you for your support of us mob and it is always a pleasure to bump into you at the gigs around town.

    don’t stay a stranger until next year….give me an email and we should catch up for an ale.

    Glenn (Urban Myth Glenn)

  3. Thanks Big John, I really appreciate that :)

    Yes, there’s a bit of writing to be done between now and next February when it all starts again. But there’s so many memories that I know are going to be a delight to return to; I hope you keep reading :)

  4. Glenn – thanks mate. It’s always great to see familiar faces around town that are happy to chat.

    Mind you, the last thing I want to think about at the moment is an ale. Oh alright, a cab merlot will do ;)

  5. Hi Pete. Wasn’t sure how to contact you, so figured this was the best way.

    I’m organising a 24hour theatre challenge for ActNow about “What makes you want to shout?”.

    If there is something you want to shout about (crap theatre, maybe?…or something more political…??), post it on the wall of the facebook event:


    See you round!!

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