[20040030] Lawrence Leung – Skeptic

Lawrence Leung – Skeptic

Lawrence Leung @ The Trapeze Lounge

9:45pm, Wed 25 Feb 2004

Score: 8

Short Review: I’m a believer

Oooooh, this was lovely. Leung enters the tent to the strains of a rockin’ version of Ghostbusters, and launches into his sceptical soliloquay. Using his mother as a foil for his jokes, and his own experiences travelling through Scotland searching for ghosts, he delivers a well-scripted show that’s packed with observational laughs… and the odd heart-felt truism.

Leung’s visual humour was spot on; the use of the projector was superb, especially when it came to his “proofs” (of why haunted houses weren’t, and the statistical analysis of “bad luck”). His attacks on John Edward are focussed, but the end message is surprisingly positive – and the end of the show is really, really quite impressive.

(Oh, and after 15 minutes of searching around on eBay, I’ll be buggered if I can find either Lawrence’s Soul or Sense of Humour for sale. He lied to us. I hate when people do that.)

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