ff2011, Day 3

It’s Day 3, I wake with a storming hangover, and when familiar faces ask me how I’m going, I reply “tired”. I think it’s going to be a long haul; I’m grateful that The Garden is closed tomorrow.

  1. New York Nights… and intimate mornings
  2. Tom Tom Crew
  3. Deborah Frances-White: How To Get Almost Anyone To Want To Sleep With You
  4. Nothing Is Really Difficult: Niets Is Echt Moeilijk
  5. Ali Cook – Pieces of Strange

Memories from today should include collapsing in deck-chairs in the sun; frantically hunting for a non-missing mobile phone; and the constant spurning of spruikers for the Wau Wau Sisters (“Can I pop this flyer in your bag?” “Sure – if you don’t mind losing your arm.”)

Oh – and poffertjes deserve a big mention, too.

I completely forgot to mention one of the Great Things that happened on Friday, before the drunken hordes descended on The Garden: during the BankSA Free Concert part of the evening, there was but a dispersed handful of people gathered around the rotunda. One small child was having a ball of a time, wandering in front of the crowd and dancing away in his own joyful little world, before attempting to climb onstage. Rather than introduce the next act, emcee Asher Treleaven enquired as to the childs name, and narrated A Day in the Life of Oliver. It was ridiculously funny, and astonishingly quick ad-libbing.

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