ff2011, Day 6

Another pretty quiet day, with only three shows…

  1. Bound
  2. Gluttony Showcase
  3. The Worlds Only Saxophone Playing Stand-Up Comedian Who Used To Be A Goat Farmer

Bound was great, a real theatrical treat, and it was lovely to get back to Holden Street again. The Gluttony Showcase was fantastic – eight acts in a little over ninety minutes, most of whom where on the Shortlist… so that’s help crystalise things a little.

Add onto that lovely chats with Martha and Martin at Holden Street, and Lili and Sam at The Garden, and a natter with Tom Binns later on (not enough of Adelaide saw Ivan Brackenbury last year! He really deserves bigger crowds… go buy tickets), not to mention an après-show drink with Gary Bradbury, and it was a fun old day.

And an unwanted new record was set on this blog today – 962 new spam comments in around thirteen hours! I’d be quite impressed by that, if I wasn’t sifting through each and every comment hoping that someone’s legitimate – and validating – missive hadn’t been quarantined erroneously.

One thought on “ff2011, Day 6”

  1. Hi

    My name is Leonie Lloyd-Smith. My son James Lloyd-Smith and his friend Michael Cleggett are Gravity Boots. The are doing their honours for their Bachelor of Dramatic Art at Flinders Uni and Gravity Boots is something which has evolved from these two boys writing together and developing their unique style. They were picked up for the Fringe after someone saw them perform their uni show and I believe he is organising for them to appear at Edinburgh next year.

    Saturday, February 26 and March 5th and 12th · 4:30pm – 5:30pm

    Location Carry on theatre, Gluttony, corner of East terrace and Grenfell

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