[20000014] Loveplay


International Brigade (Cosmopolitan Centre)

10:00pm, Tue 29 Feb 2000

Score: 9

Short Review: Rollercoaster

Wow. Thanks ever so much to the girl from the International Brigade who insisted that I see this show. I owe you lots.

The Weird Sisters each play a multitude of characters, effortlessly switching between them (with the aid of some brilliant use of lighting). Maintaining such integrity in the characters over 75 minutes is incredible, and they were all believable – Alison Goldie’s Dave (the doting father caught in a loveless marriage) was exceptional, as was the spurned-and-yet-to-deal-with-it Sally, played by Kath Burlinson.

As the performance moves along at breakneck speed, the audience are taken on a emotional rollercoaster ride – characters falling into, and out of, love; passion & unrequited love; and the love of the spurned all play heavily. But “Loveplay” is also funny – scenes with the marriage counsellor are amongst the funniest I’ve seen so far this Fringe.

In short, this is amazing stuff. Go see this now.

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