Quake, Rattle & Roll…

You know, when the Fringe comes to town, the rest of the world stops for me. Normally I make time every day to keep abreast of current events, do that “work” thing, indulge in my other hobbies, and generally try to be a bit more balanced. For four weeks spanning February and March, though, everything else falls by the wayside; I focus only on Fringe.

But one thing that has crossed over from The Real World in the last day or so has been news of the earthquake in Christchurch. I won’t attempt to repeat the details, because I cannot hope to do the devastation justice. But Christchurch is a beautiful city, and I’ve got friends over in that neck of the woods, so my thoughts are with them.

Some of you may know Sam Wills – The Boy With Tape On His Face – hails from that part of the world (here’s hoping his friends and loved ones are safe), and earlier this morning his lovely wife posted a message regarding a benefit show gig put on by the Garden of Unearthly Delights this Sunday evening…


A Christchurch Earthquake Fundraiser, Sunday 27 Feb @ 9.45pm
Umbrella Revolution – $25

This morning, Christchurch, the hometown of The Boy With Tape On His Face, was utterly devastated by a major earthquake.

The Boy – Sam Wills, his wife Lili la Scala & The Garden of Unearthly Delights have put their hearts and minds together to present a fabulous star-studded benefit show to help the victims of this disaster.

We urge the people of Adelaide to support their sister city, Christchurch in her hour of need.

QUAKE, RATTLE AND ROLL stars some of the Fringe’s greatest & most generous artists:

MC Peter Helliar
Arj Barker
Le Gateau Chocolat
Tom Gleeson
The Boy With Tape On His Face
Lili la Scala
The Freak and The Showgirl
Mickey D
Sam Simmons
Patrick Monahan (UK)
… and more!


$25 going to a good cause, and a great lineup like that? I hope anyone who reads this – and you must number in at least the double-digits by now – can attend.

Buy tickets here.

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