[20040057] Suburban Motel – Criminal Genius

Suburban Motel – Criminal Genius

Bakehouse Theatre Company @ Bakehouse Theatre

8:30pm, Thu 4 Mar 2004

Score: 5

Short Review: Flat

Criminal Genius is the second of the two Suburban Motel plays by George Walker that Bakehouse is presenting this Fringe. Sadly, this paled somewhat next to Problem Child to me because of the less polished performances.

Rolly and Stevie are a bottom-of-the-barrel father-and-son team of petty criminals who “don’t do violence”. When they botch a job requested of them by their boss Shirley, committing a kidnap instead of arson, a twisted tale of multiple revenges ensues.

In general, the acting in this play was only adequate – Roger Newcombe’s Rolly was earnest, and once again Patrick Frost stole the show as he reprised Phillie. Anna Linarello appeared to be tripping all over her lines, and Emily Hunt was less convincing in her role as the rebelling Amanda than in Problem Child. On the whole, a flat and slightly disappointing piece of theatre.

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