ff2011, Day 14

A much better day all ’round, I think.

  1. For Whom the Bell Tolls
  2. Simon Pampena in The Probability Drive – The Maths Behind The Lucky Country
  3. Pieces of Mind
  4. CONCRETE:heartbeat

I finally got to see CONCRETE:heartbeat at Arcade Lane. I’d previously bitched about how I’d missed the previous show: after initially being turned away from the door for being too early, there had been no notification that the show was being called… and it was fifteen minutes into the show before I sought to check, thinking that everything would be running late on opening night. A little constructive ranting then had garnered tickets for another session – which I couldn’t make, in the hubbub of last Saturday – but the tickets were honoured with good grace and care (and even a little fun) tonight. So – many thanks to the Arcade Lane crew.

And CONCRETE:heartbeat? Worth the wait. A brilliant bit of Fringe theatre, as is For Whom the Bell Tolls. Two more shows I feel gutted about not being able to write their associated posts in-season.

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