[20040061] Making of Snow

Making of Snow

Snow Machine @ Weimar Room

6:00pm, Fri 5 Mar 2004

Score: 6

Short Review: Pretty, but…

Snow Machine are a three-piece band from Sydney. Relying heavily on electronic backing, but with live keys/guitar/vox over the top, they generally seemed to produce a lush instrumentation with little-girl-lost vocals dripped over the top. This isn’t unpleasant, but not earth-shattering, either.

The lead singer’s voice is quite attractive, really, and when you get a simple beat/guitar backing (such as the second track of the evening), the result doesn’t sound unlike Garbage. But Snow Machine sound their best when they’re harmonising, and putting some depth into the vocals. The songs were also accompanied by some projected visuals, but they were somewhat lost on me, as I spent most of the show watching the singer’s nipples (highlighted as they were by the lighting and her white top). Truth in reporting.

I bolted at the end of the set – had to run to catch the next show – and I suspect that I missed an encore. Oh well. My scorecard shows 7 ticks from 13 songs, so I guess that puts this gig a little above average.

Incidentally, this show marked the first time this Fringe that I’ve seen an artist use a laptop other than a Mac. Them wacky creative types, eh?

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