[20040064] Throw Down

Throw Down

Throw Down @ The Umbrella Revolution

1:00pm, Sat 6 Mar 2004

Score: 8

Short Review: Stunts with attitude!

Victorian circus troupe Throw Down should be applauded for bringing this act to town. In doing do, they have filled a gap that has been noticeable from ff2002’s circus program – the trapeze and suspended acts have been (sadly) notable by their absence thus far. Not any more; Throw Down’s trapeze act was quite the breath-taker, and their suspended acts were as imaginative as they were powerful.

But that’s getting ahead of ourselves a little. The opening act, involving some deft handling of glass balls highlighted by torchlight, would look even more spectacular in a pitch-dark tent, but didn’t detract from the level of control exhibited. Acts of strength, balance and control are at the forefront of Throw Down’s performance – the less svelte of the troupe’s women showed astounding poise in her chair-balancing act.

After the initially sombre and aloof attitude of the opening acts, their was a little comic relief as the sound guy took to the stage for more balancing tricks. A mysterious legged bag also inexplicably scuttled across the stage occasionally, lightening the mood.

Some (handcuffed) juggling, the trapeze work, some spectacular hula-hooping, and the troupe performing all manner of leaps and bounds whilst skipping rope(!) rounded out this tasty show. Well recommended.

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