[20040068] I Spied – True Confessions Of An Ex-ASIO Spy

I Spied – True Confessions Of An Ex-ASIO Spy

David Callan @ Uni Cinema

7:10pm, Sat 6 Mar 2004

Score: 9

Short Review: Classified!

David Callan used to work in ASIO – and this show was designed to give the audience the inside story of what happens inside the Organisation. He takes us through training, his many jobs over the years, all the way up until the time he left, all the while providing humorous and sobering snippets in equal measures.

His stories about the anti-terrorist training excercise he was a volunteer victim for was stunning, his running gags – “what’s your mother’s maiden name?” – well timed, and the bomb disposal squad incident was… well, just piss funny. All the while, his delivery was excellent – and the script has obviously been lovingly cared for, such is the wonderful pacing of the show.

Yep, the raves are well deserved – a wonderful bit of enlightened comedy.

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