[20040071] The Big, Big Top Show

The Big, Big Top Show

Circus Oz @ Rundle Park

12:00pm, Sun 7 Mar 2004

Score: 9

Short Review: Spectacular!

A fiery opening introduces Circus Oz to the crowd, and it’s immediately apparent just how polished this performance is. From the RoofWalk, to the juggling, to the presentation of something as simple as the contortion act – it all oozes class, the kind of polish that requires oodles of training in a professional company.

And Circus Oz are true to their name – not only do they perform the classic stunts that we’ve come to expect of a circus company, but they insert an element of Australiana in there too – witness the cockatoo trapeze act. The elements of balance (especially on the bikes) and clownery were there too, all wonderfully performed with the same care as the rest of the show.

Sure, there were slip-ups; there was the odd lull in proceedings; some of the acts may have superior renditions elsewhere in the Fringe; and the Humanitarian Cannon act, whilst noble, may be a trifle too political for a circus. But as a whole, Circus Oz provided a spectacular, family-friendly show.

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