[20000015] Loose Moose Mammoth Big Improv Show

Loose Moose Mammoth Big Improv Show

Mercury Cinema

7:00pm, Wed 1 Mar 2000

Score: 7

Short Review: Improv

5 Canadians, 1 stage, 1 hour, no script. Hmmmm, I wonder what can become of this? As with any improv show, you’ve got to be lucky on the night, and this night wasn’t bad at all.

Each of the 5 participants took turns at “directing” the improvisation, with the audience voting after a given period whether or not to continue the current storyline. This provided the audience interaction required of a good improv piece. Some “directors” even asked the audience for story ideas.

It kinda seems pointless to discuss the plot of an improv show; suffice to say, it was pretty rapid-fire stuff, and bloody amusing too. However, just remember that it is improv; your mileage may vary.

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