[2011075] Where’s My Vagina!?

Where’s My Vagina!?

Christophe Davidson @ The Tuxedo Cat – Green Room

6:15pm, Mon 28 Feb 2011

Anyone who’d spent any amount of time at the Tuxedo Cat this year would know Christophe by sight; the Canadian comic was often seen jovially conversing with patrons from behind the bar, his bright white headband a beacon. But I must admit that, despite briefly chatting to him a few times, I knew nothing of his stage persona prior to this show.

First impressions were great: as the crowd filed into The Green Room, Christophe was already onstage, playing a gentle tune on his guitar. He’d vocally address each member of the audience in turn, nabbing a tiny piece of personal info from them which he’d immediately integrate into his song, before turning to the next person… it was a really clever and refreshing start to the show, and the description hooks provided callback fodder for Davidson throughout the show.

Now, the premise of Where’s My Vagina!? revolves around the fact that Christophe was raised in a very female-centric environment, surrounded by his Mother and a plethora of sisters. Without a strong male role model, he’s convinced that he’s far more in touch with his more sensitive, feminine side than any other normal man – and he proceeds to present tales from his own life supporting this claim.

And the great thing is that I found a lot of his material to be easily identifiable. The road trip with an ex? Yep, done that. Chasing after the crying girl? Yep – too recently, really (that one cut a little close to the bone). But when he quizzed my Event Buddy and I about our status, and we insisted we were only friends, Christophe was shocked: “Friends? Well, when he spanks himself, he thinks of you.”

Bloody funny, to be sure, but I feel obliged to state, quite categorically, that that is not the case. Mumble, mumble.

I really liked Christophe Davidson’s style. Whilst the material can get a little rude, he presents it in a very gentle manner – and he’s got some great musical breaks in there, too. Funny, charming, and delightful, but still not essential viewing… yet.

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