[20040085] Plug Into Serotonin

Plug Into Serotonin

Neo @ Weimar Room

11:00pm, Thu 11 Mar 2004

Score: 9

Short Review: Funkalicious!

NT band Neo presented a fun bit of cabaret and music at the Weimar room. The theatrical component was a bit naff, but earnest and honestly performed; but it’s when the band start pounding out the tunes that this show really takes off.

Tight funk, with a bit of rock thrown in. And when I say “tight”, I mean it – these guys know their stuff backwards, and they have a lot of fun doing it. The occasional use of harmonica or flute adds interest, but in general there’s plenty of bass, wah-wah and chuggy guitar backing to keep this band moving along with their bright, punchy, and grooving songs.

They really deserve huge crowds during their short stay. Neo’s remaining appearances are:

  • 13 Mar, 10pm: Crown & Sceptre (gig only – no theatrical stuff)
  • 14 Mar, 8pm: The full Plug Into Serotonin musical experience at the Weimar Room

And they’ve got double CDs available for $20, too – ace :)

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