ff2012, Day 2

A question for you, dear reader: when do you reckon that we, the Fringe-going public, decided that it was cool to speak one’s mind in the middle of a show? To answer one’s phone in the middle of a show? To unintelligibly – and unintelligently – heckle on the basis that you think a performer has no integrity because he’s appeared on TV?

Yes, it’s been one of those days.

  1. Martin Dockery: Bursting Into Flames
  2. Slapdash Galaxy
  3. The Crooked Fiddle Band
  4. The Phatcave

I was the first paying punter into the Tuxedo Cat opening bash earlier in the evening – I’d seen the old “Club 199” part of the TuxCat mid-January, raw and gutted, but this was my first peek inside the “Gallery” component – and it’s gorgeous, maintaining the Tuxedo Cat feel and adding a metric fuckton of space into the mix. It’s massive now, with tons of seating, a long communal bench, coffee and snacks(!), Internode WiFi coverage, bars, and a gorgeous little dome that manages to be both intimate and inclusionary. It’s early days yet, and I’ve yet to check out any of the performance spaces, but the TuxCat has set a pretty high bar for Best Venue award… again. Top effort, TuxCatters! :)

Oh – and thanks to the InDaily crew for not making me look like a complete freak!

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