ff2012, Day 3

You know what? This new Garden layout is a bit shit. Traffic jams a-plenty up top. And not being able to buy tickets at the doors of venues must put a dent in audience numbers… not that Garden management would mind that, of course, since people would be more likely to buy drinks then. Ooooh, conspiracy theory.

  1. Kapow!
  2. Simon Pampena in The Maths Olympics
  3. The Magnets – Gobsmacked!
  4. Theatergroep WAK – LevelLess
  5. Felicity Ward in The Hedgehog Dilemma
  6. Tom Thum

Had a lazy old evening, really. Bumped into Matt and Nat and Shelley, and stretched out a potentially early night with a few quiet vodka, lime & sodas on the grass. Quite pleasant, really… well, once you get past the clusters of too-inebriated people. But hey, it’s Saturday night – what did I expect?

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