ff2012, Day 5

So – for the first time in years, there’s a Rest Day in Fringe activities. A kerfuffle with FringeTIX saw a trio of shows – all, coincidentally, at The Palace – available for sale; I snaffled a ticket for Morgan & West, but I arrived at the Garden Gates to find a burly security guard turning people away.


Still, it was a prime opportunity to spend some time writing. But instead, I caught up with a dear friend, and then came home and watched the absolutely wonderful 1999 series Coming Soon. Why do I bother mentioning that here? Because Coming Soon is a snippet in the life of a devised theatre group as they struggle for funding, face inner turmoil, and collapse on tour. And the dedication at the end of the show is to fringe theatre artists.

Oh god, I’ve just found it on YouTube… and started watching it all again. So here, for your procrastination, is Coming Soon.

Episodes 1 & 2
Episode 3, Part 1
Episode 3, Part 2

(Unfortunately, I can’t find the rest of the final episode… so there’s no real closure. But I highly recommend seeking it out if you can….)

3 thoughts on “ff2012, Day 5”

  1. Hi Pete,

    David here from version 1.0. If you’ve got time in your festivities plans for 2 performances by us (you saw THIS KIND OF RUCKUS in 2010), let me know. We’re playing The Disappearances Project and seven kilometres north-east at AC Arts from Wednesday 22nd – Sunday 4th March, and we’d love to hear your thoughts.

  2. Hi David! Rest assured that both your shows are on The Shortlist, coloured in with purple – the must-see colour.

    I’ll see you there soon :)

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