ff2012, Day 12

Thought I’d give myself a challenging day today. Reckon I might have overdone it a bit… I think I might have blown a gasket in me noggin.

  1. My Unseen Disappearing World
  2. Road Movie
  3. Carnally, where do we go from here…
  4. The Fastest Train To Anywhere

Those last two shows… wow. I have almost no idea what either of them were about, but man am I glad I saw them both. The principal performer in Carnally, Branden Christine, is phenomenal. Utterly arresting, can’t-take-your-eyes-off-her amazing. And Fastest Train is a gorgeous bit of whimsically abstract Fringe theatre that was sadly neglected in the audience stakes. Both are highly recommended… if you’re after something a little less mainstream.

Go on, live a little ;)

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