ff2012, Day 22

And there goes one hundred shows for the year, whooshing by in a flash…

That’s one hundred uniques, mind you. There’s a few doubles in the mix as well…

  1. Ellipsis
  2. Shakespeare’s Queens: She-wolves and Serpents
  3. Back of the Bus
  4. Your Days Are Numbered: the maths of death
  5. Jon Brooks – Breaking News
  6. Rapskallion

Ellipsis is quite a splendid piece of dance; an almost enveloping experience. And it happened to be by Gareth Hart, a chap who I’d met at a wonderful show a couple of years ago. Blimey, eh? The world is this big.

And then came Back of the Bus… and it’s utterly brilliant. One of those performances where, at the end of the show, you feel a special secret kinship with the other audience members, safe in the knowledge that you’ve shared an almost unrepeatable experience. That’s what it felt like. And it’s a dance piece.

Damn I love doing what I do :)

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