ff2012, Day 23

Managed to get into a school-focussed matinée of School Dance today; it’s a great bit of work, and it’s fun to see a bunch of young teens completely miss cultural references to the eighties while the adults down the back piss themselves laughing :)

  1. School Dance
  2. Am I Good Friend?
  3. The Big Bite-Size Soirée (Menu 2)
  4. Spoonface Steinberg
  5. PRESS-PLAY! (Week 1)
  6. Gareth Berliner : An INCH of Integrity

After having heard them lauded at every turn, I took in my first Big Bite-Size Soirée menu today. Blimey, they are a bit good, aren’t they? I wound up having a great chat with Mickey D, too – and whilst I’m not a massive fan of his style of comedy, he was an incredibly intelligent and articulate chap to talk to.

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