Family Fun Day?!?

Mondays are traditionally a dead day during the Fringe; a day when you try to schedule whatever is on, Festival shows… whatever you can squeeze into the day. So imagine my delight when I discovered that most of the Sideshow Paradiso and Garden of Unearthly Delights shows were on that day… lickety-split, I had six shows slotted in on Monday the 13th of March; the last “big” day of FF2006 (numerically speaking), but – due to the physical proximity of the shows, a pretty relaxing day.

Or so I thought.

I just arrived at Paradiso. The place is packed. Choc-a-bloc. Someone figured a Family Fun Day was in order; as a result, there’s thousands of people down here. With their kids.

Oh dear.

This could be the longest ten hours of my life.

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