[20060070] OzStar Airlines

OzStar Airlines

@ The Gaiety Grande

2:00pm, Mon 13 Mar 2006

The two stewardesses for OzStar airline sure are a versatile pair; not only do they hula-hoop and juggle, they also manage to keep a stack of kids quiet for an entire flight. Now, whilst OzStar might not offer much new – although the juggling act that ended with a fried egg (!) certainly was original – they certainly bring enthusiasm to the table.

The girls maintain the stewardess motif for as long as possible before discarding their (nice) uniforms for something a little more delectable (for the men in the audience, anyway). Thereafter there’s more hoop tricks, leading to a pretty impressive finale, with one standing on top of the other whilst hula-hooping away!

Being utterly honest – and I’m pretty sure that the stewardesses will agree with me here – I’m not completely sure that the girls were in complete control during the latter stages of the performance. There’s every opportunity of a lawsuit in The Gaiety Grand at some stage; telling the kids in the audience “kids, if you see Tracey getting really big, just act small and fluffy and soft” probably doesn’t help much. But, as I said before, the staff behind OzStar are certainly enthusiastic – and we all know that enthusiasm is infectious.

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