ff2013, Day 4

I decided to man up and actually attend stuff in the Garden on opening/Parade night. Wasn’t as terrible as I’d expected.

Except towards the end. Drunk people get pretty messy, don’t they?

  1. On The Shoulders Of Giants
  2. Leo
  3. Tommy Bradson – Sweet Sixteen or The Birthday Party Massacre
  4. Frisky and Mannish – Extra Curricular Activities
  5. WolfWolf

As I grabbed a flyer (souvenirs, y’know?) from the producer of Frisky and Mannish, she looked at me strangely: “I remember you from last year. Aren’t you media?”

“Well… I blog,” I offered. “Would being media make a difference?”

“It’s preview night,” she replied, “We don’t want reviewers in on previews. Enjoy the show.”

So there you have it: blogs aren’t media. That’s a weight off my mind!

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