ff2013, Day 6

Awww yeah. Now we’re getting into the groove of things.

  1. The Art of Letting Go
  2. Low Hanging Fruit
  3. Sullivan and Bok
  4. Like a Fishbone
  5. 3
  6. Danny Stinson’s ‘Confessions Of A Psych Nurse’

I managed my first ticket snafu today, too. Silly Petee, you really must double check session times when booking tickets. Still, that little fuck-up led me to see Sullivan and Bok earlier than anticipated, who – despite the audience of two (the other of whom used to live in my building! Adelaide!) – put on a cracker of a show.

Mind you, with a breakfast of a Boost Juice and a late lunch of mojitos, it was always going to be a good day…

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