ff2013, Day 21

Due to the Kronos show at Thebby, today was a bit tricky to schedule… it was a long show, awkwardly placed, and overran, too (with the same problem likely to occur with Van Dyke Parks on Friday). So just the three events today… a quiet one!

  1. Festival Fishbowl
  2. Kronos Quartet
  3. Sam Marzden’s History of Rock’n’Roll (1962-1989)

To be quite honest, I’m currently contemplating becoming a professional groupie for Zephyr Quartet; their performance with JG Thirwell’s Manorexia this evening (as “special guests” for Kronos) was quite amazing.

Also: it nearly broke my heart to be the only punter in Sam Marzden’s show this evening (along with two reviewers, a judge, and their comp partners). Please: if you’ve got any interest in rock music or folklore or storytelling, go see the show – it’s a really great script and a lot of fun.

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