[20000030] No Spleen

No Spleen

Club Fringe

10:45pm, Tue 7 Mar 2000

Score: 8

Short Review: Witty

This performance bears an bit in common with another at Club Fringe, The Entire Contents of the Refrigerator. Both are one woman shows, both are staged sparsely, both are powerful performances (and both scored 8). But that’s about the end of the similarities.

Carolyn Cohagan is a class act. Whilst it could be said that her performance did not require the physical or mental flexibility of Stewart-Lindley’s Refrigerator monologues, she more than makes up for it with pure comedic style. Her sense of timing is exquisite, the speed of delivery varying from standing still (a wonderfully amusing and tense moment shared with the audience) to lightning fast (the opening monologue, travelling home in New York City). Through all this she recounts her own real-life experiences as she is knocked down by illness, resulting in the removal of her spleen.

Cohagan’s characterisations are great, and she is a wonderful comedienne. There are a few flat spots in the story, but a lot of great spots too. This is one show well worth checking out.

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