Let’s wrap FF2007 up…

It’s about time I finished off the last few (seven, actually) entries related to FF2007. After all, it’s only been three bloody months since the Fringe finished, and 10 weeks since I last wrote about an event. Luckily, my memory (aided by the quiet voice-recorded ramblings I made as I wandered home each night) is sharp, so hopefully I can bash these last entries out ASAP.

Of course, there’s an ulterior motive: the Adelaide Festival of Ideas starts in a few days, and I was intending to blather on a bit about that, too. Hopefully within July. Imagine that, writings about events appearing in the calendar month in which the events occurred! Astonishing. Live-blogging, be damned.

(“Ulterior” motive, eh? What a silly thing to write. I’ll let all two of my readers tell me why)

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