ff2014, Day 5

So this was a nice way to ease into the Fringe: a gentle six shows in the day, rounded off with a Fringe Club investigation (which yielded a bunch of non-Artsy people – or, as Fez Faanana would call them, “boring bogan c#nts”).

  1. The Bunker Trilogy: Morgana
  2. WOODCOURT: Animorphed
  4. Claire Ford: ConsciousMess
  5. Chris Radburn – Breaking Rad
  6. Rainbow Rabbits with Rabies

It was a cracking set of shows today, with only one or two lesser lights. Despite its oddball name (and presence in the “Comedy” section of the Guide), Nob Happy Sock is my first sure-fire winner of this year’s Fringe: whilst it is funny, it’s also poignant and sweet and meaningful.

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